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Science Books with Adjustable Reading Levels!

Mobile Education Store has what every upper elementary teacher has been waiting for.


Science books that everyone in the class can read.

Not only is every book chock full of gorgeous still images, videos, animations, pop up definitions and interactive graphics, but every book is adjustable from a first/second grade reading level to an eighth grade level.

The content stays the same. The reading level adjusts.

The concept is brilliant, and it’s beautifully executed. These are state of the art reading comprehension apps that align with the common core.

Each app  includes leveled tests that score themselves, plus links to web-based teaching materials to support every topic. You also get built in text-to-speech, an interactive glossary, individual student bookmarks, highlighting and notes capability, Dropbox integration, and test settings that match with common IEP and 504 test accommodations.

The first three books from this Crack the Books series have just arrived in iTunes.

Pines to Vines (The Forest Biome) takes you through the forests around the world, from the rainforest to the temperate forest to the cloud forest and beyond.

Blades (The Grassland Biome) takes you on a tour of the grasslands, exploring the prairie, the savanna, the steppes, the puszta and more.

And brand new in itunes this week — Seashores to Sea Floors (The Ocean Biome)! This book brings you from the surface of the ocean to the depths of the Mariana Trench. Experience all the sights and sounds of the deep sea with the gorgeous imagery, the integrated video footage, the interactive periscope and the panoramic camera.

Kids are taken on an unforgettable multisensory journey through the rocky intertidal zone, the kelp forest, coral reefs, hydrothermal vents, the polar oceans, and everything in between. This is what textbooks were meant to be.

Each book is designed to teach and inspire an entire classroom. Emerging readers and gifted readers alike will delight in the whimsical tone of the text, and in the rich, visual imagery that brings each concept to life.

These books will reel in your reluctant readers and will stimulate your most advanced.

All children learn differently. Kids read at different levels and they process language at different levels. Some kids just need visual supports and other kids need help with sustaining attention. Every child has a unique learning profile, and yet every teacher is expected to teach the same material to all of the children in the classroom.

A universally designed resource like this with adjustable reading levels finally levels the playing field. The same content information is offered to all students, but you get to configure the amount of visual and auditory support your child needs. And best of all, you get to adjust the text to a reading level that is appropriate to your student’s ability. That means a fourth grader reading at a 6th grade level can access the same material as a fourth grader reading at a first grade level.

Every child in the classroom can benefit from these books.

If you have a class where every student has an iPad, you now have a textbook that every student can read. If you are a reading specialist, a speech-language pathologist, a resource room teacher, or an ELL teacher, you have a brand new resource at your fingertips that can adjust class based material to the level that is appropriate to your students.

If you are a parent, you have a way to bolster your child’s science and social studies learning at home.

This app might be used in whole classrooms as the classroom textbook, but it is also a wonderful stand alone reading comprehension app for speech-language pathologists and other specialists. It has all the elements in place to pre-teach and review vocabulary and key concepts from the classroom.

Full disclosure, I do work directly for Mobile Education Store.

This is the same app developer who has been leading the industry for years with apps like Sentence Builder, Conversation Builder, Rainbow Sentences and Tense Builder.

My connection aside, however, I can honestly say as a practicing school speech-language pathologist that these book apps are truly revolutionary.

They adjust up, down and sideways to accommodate virtually every learning style.  And they make reading fun.

Each full featured, multi-leveled book is offered at the very reasonable price of $18.99.

Mobile Education Store is hoping to expand this project into a subscription service that offers dozens and eventually hundreds of adaptable books. The books will cover a variety of  subjects, and will be designed for elementary students, middle school students, and ultimately high school students. If you’d like to see what that’s about and get involved, check it out on Kickstarter.







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