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Bitsboard Full Review from January 2013

Whether you are a speech-language pathologist, parent or teacher of any subject, you will likely want to download Bitsboard from Grasshopper Apps after reading this. It is absolutely free, and there is no limit to what you can teach once you download it.

Bitsboard currently comes with three ready-made activities built into it: a Flash Card activity, a Photo Touch (multiple choice) activity and a Word Builder activity. The Word Builder activity will scramble the letters at the top of the screen and call on your student to rearrange them to match the picture. If you have a phrase or sentence associated with the picture, it will ask you to unscramble the words.

Create your own category or download one from a variety of topics already posted by other users in a matter of seconds, and choose your activity. You will not believe how quickly you are able to place a top quality teaching tool for any subject imaginable in the hands of your child or student.

Everything about Bitsboard is easy to use. Creating a new board is effortless. Add a photo, add text and record your audio for each item you would like within the category. Or download a category from the ever expanding existing catalog with less effort than it takes to download an app from the App Store. This is a teaching mecca. A way for all of us to create and share teaching materials in the easiest interface imaginable.

What is particularly wonderful about Bitsboard is how nice your easy-to-prepare materials look when they are finished. ¬†Everything about this app is professional. Bitsboard’s interface is easy for adults to use and the finished product is engaging for our students. And the possibilities are endless.

Bitsboard will be adding new games over the next several months, including a Match Up game (where you match words to pictures) mid January and a Pop Quiz activity in March. The update scheduled for March will even include a new feature we will all embrace — data tracking and reporting for our students at the end of each game.

So why is Bitsboard free? The people at Grasshopper Apps tell us that they would like to be the “default educational learning app for teachers, moms and educators”. They might decide to add work in some minimal costs to unlock additional games within the app in the future, but right now this amazing materials creator is free, free, free.