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connecting to the internet

Connecting to the internet should be pretty much automatic with your new iPad.

If Wi-Fi is available, your iPad will find it.  Tap the settings icon and tap Wi-Fi.  You will see your iPad searching for available networks.  If the network you’d like to join shows a little padlock next to it then it is password protected and you will need to enter the network key to get started.  Your iPad is clever enough to remember the access information for Wi-Fi connections you’ve used before so entering that network key is something you only need to do once.

If the network is open to the public, there will be no need to enter any password information at all.  Just choose the network you would like to join from the list that is displayed and you are all set.

You will soon see that your iPad remembers everything it needs to know about the networks you frequent.  When you are at work or a family member’s house, or your favorite local coffee shop, your iPad will find that network and seamlessly establish that Wi-Fi connection for you.

The only time you should run into problems or actively need to make changes is when a) the network you’re trying to access is down, b) a network password has changed  or c) you are attempting to join a network for the first time.

For more information, see apple’s support page.