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downloading apps

As long as the operating system on your iPad is fairly current, you should be able to download apps directly from the device itself.  If there is an app I want to check out, I will usually look it up first on a computer because it’s a little quicker to navigate.  If you have a specific app in mind, try googling it like this:

(app name) in itunes

You will likely see the link you want at the top of the page.

Once you are ready to download the app, you can certainly complete the process from your computer and download it later from the cloud on your iPad (or “sync” your iPad with your computer using a USB cable).  But I find it easier to just go right to the iPad and get the app directly:

From your iPad:

Tap on the App Store app icon.

Search for apps however you are comfortable –  by category, by search words…  Just know that itunes is very literal and will only find exact matches to what you’ve typed.  Once you’ve searched an item, you will see a display of iPad apps and iPhone apps.  The iPhone apps are listed because you can download those to your iPad as well.  An iphone app will display at half size, but you can enlarge that app to fill the iPad screen.  If an app exists on both lists, though, go with the iPad version.  If a lot of apps match your search criteria, you may need to swipe over to the right to find your app on the list.

Once you’ve found the app you’re looking for, tap on it from the list.  You will now see it displayed in itunes.  You still have a chance to read the description, check out the reviews and see the screen shots.  Again, swipe over to the right on those screen shots to get a good look at what the app is about.

If you’re ready to download the app, tap the rectangle right under the picture that contains the price

The rectangle will now say INSTALL and if you are ready to go forward with the download, tap the INSTALL button.

You will be prompted for your password.  If you have multiple itunes accounts, take a moment to see that you are installing this app to the proper account.  If you are not in your regular account, take these quick steps to fix that:

Tap outside of that log in pop up box.  Tap Featured at the bottom of the screen.  Scroll down and tap the Apple ID box.  Sign out and sign back in. You will need to search for your app all over again, tap purchase and tap install to get back to this point.

Enter your password in the pop up box.

Your item should start to download.