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Endless Alphabet Review from Feburary 2013


Sometimes it’s all about style, and Endless Alphabet by Callaway Digital Arts puts it all together just right. Charming monsters teach phonics and vocabulary in this captivating animated dictionary app that’s perfect for preschool and early elementary kids. Scroll through the pages from A to Z and be delighted with each new word you find.

The first step is to put the puzzle together. Watch the letters spring to life as your child drags them into position within the word. Each letter sings out its own unique (and highly entertaining) letter sound while in transit (“arrr, arrr, arrr, arrr”), and once the puzzle is completed, kids are rewarded with a lively animation that defines the word with just the right amount of humor and surprise. Next comes the verbal definition.

Download this app and watch your kids feast on this magical mix of letter sounds, sequencing and vocabulary enrichment. Our young students with autism can’t get enough of this one. New words will even mysteriously spill right in after you download this app, keeping things fresh and new.

There are plenty of phonics apps and letter matching apps out there, and there are that many more vocabulary apps to choose from. But Endless Alphabet puts it all together with that perfect blend of whimsy, creativity and style. This app’s a winner.

And it’s absolutely free.