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getting started

Apple has made it easier than ever to start your iPad up for the first time.  Recent improvements to their  operating system (IOS) mean you no longer need to hook it up to your computer or hook it up to anything for that matter.  You just need to take the iPad out of the box, turn it on and follow their lead.  Apple will prompt you right through what you need to do, and in about 5 minutes your iPad will be completely up and running.

When you open the box you might be surprised to see how very little is in there.  One iPad, a charger and a tiny little booklet.  It really is that easy.

Basic Anatomy

Turn your iPad over and you will see the basic layout.

Initial Setup

Once you take the iPad out of the box, press the Sleep/Wake button (or what most people would call the on/off button…) that is on the top side of the edge of the  iPad and turn the iPad over so you are looking at the screen.

You will see an apple icon appear in the middle of the screen.  Wait a few minutes until you see a welcome screen with an arrow to slide over at the bottom of the screen.  Pull that arrow over to the right and wait for the next prompt.  Apple will then take you through a series of self explanatory questions in which you choose your language and the country you live in, etc.

After you choose to set your iPad up as a new iPad, you will be asked about your Apple ID.  If you don’t have an iTunes account (which is the same as an Apple ID), you will need one.  (Read here for more about iTunes accounts.) If you have an iTunes account already you can sign in with that at this point.  If you already have an Apple ID but would like to have an additional one, choose Create a Free Apple ID.  When you have completed that step, you will next need to decide whether or not to use iCloud for back ups and syncing your purchases across multiple devices.  I’d suggest choosing to use the cloud at this point, but you can read up about it from this screen and make the decision that is best for you.

The next screen says “Thank you” and you are now good to go.  Press Start Using iPad and you will see a beautiful screen waiting for you, complete with 20 different pre-loaded apps and utilities for your immediate use.  That’s it!