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arranging and deleting apps

Once you own an app, it’s yours to keep.  Even if you delete it off your iPad, it’s still alive and well in your itunes account.

To delete an app, just press down and hold on the icon.  All of the apps willl start to wiggle.  Tap the little black x in the top left corner.  Press the home key to return everything back to normal and the app will be deleted.  Not gone forever — just no longer immediately available on this device. If you want to get it back another time, just go into your itunes account and re-install it.  If you already own the app, you will not be charged again.  In fact, it won’t even show you the price — it will just say INSTALL where the price would be. If you want to re-install many apps at once, see Using the Cloud under iPad Basics.

The iPad gives you 11 display screens to house your apps.  You can swipe to the right to see the next screen over.  As your apps start to stack up, you may find it’s a lot easier to find what you’re looking for when you create folders.  This is also easy enough to do.

To make a folder, press and hold on the app icon.  Everything will start to wiggle.

Keep your finger on the app (while it is wiggling) and you will see that you can move it anywhere– to a different location on the same page, to the menu of items at the bottom of the screen or to the next screen over if you hold it in place for a moment at the right edge of the screen.

Drag the app directly on top of another app that you’d like to put in that same folder.  Once you get that far, the rest is very intuitive.  You will see the app drop inside the other one and a folder will open up.  Apple will cleverly try to name that folder itself but you are free to call it whatever you want.  Just tap inside the white title box and a keyboard screen will come up.

When you’ve finished creating the folder, press the home key again.  Everything will be back to normal and you will see your new folder is the same size of the original app icon, but it now houses two tiny app icons to represent the apps you have placed there.

Tap on that icon as you would any other app, and you will see the folder open back up to present the app icons in full size. If you tap outside of that black folder area, the folder will collapse back down.