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redeeming a code

As intuitive as Apple tries to make things, it’s not that easy to know what do with an itunes code until someone actually shows you.  If your school district works like ours does, purchasing an app may mean that someone in your district needs to buy an app for you (to establish tax exemption status) and then gives you a Redemption Code for that specific copy of the app.

Redemption Codes, Promotional Codes and iTunes credit/gift card codes can all be redeemed the same way.  Here’s the easiest way I know:

1.  Open up the App Store app on your iPad.

2.  Tap Featured (or Top Charts or Purchased) at the very bottom left of the screen.

3.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page until you see three rectangular boxes.  Redeem is the one in the middle and that’s the one you want.

4. Tap Redeem and enter the code you’ve been given.  You do not need to worry about upper and lower case letters. If you have multiple iTunes accounts, just be careful to double check the account ID.  The account you are currently working in will be displayed in the same pop up box.

5. If you are not in the correct account, you can fix that pretty easily from where you are.  Just tap outside of the Redeem box  and then choose the Apple ID box to the left of Redeem. Sign out and sign back in and go back to step 4.

6. Enter your iTunes password if you’re asked for it.  This step is skipped if you’ve entered it in the last few minutes.

7. Press the home button to quit out of the App Store and you should see your app starting to download.



  Apple has their own link for how to redeem a code.  Click here for their instructions.