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Tensebuilder Review from September 2012

Wait till you see the newest app from the Mobile Education Store! Brand new in iTunes is Tense Builder, a wonderful way to teach past, present and future verb forms.

Imagine your favorite flashcards have come to life, and you have Tense Builder.

Beautifully animated 10-12 second cartoons play to demonstrate a particular action (fall, see, eat, break, etc.) and the child is asked to choose from three action pictures pulled from the movie to show their understanding for the tense used. That’s Level 1. Choose Level 2 and you again watch the movie but now the child chooses the written verb form for the sentence.

The movies are engaging and funny. Your kids will laugh out loud. A wrong choice leads to visual demonstrations that perfectly model the difference among these tense forms. In addition, a full lesson is available for each verb that will stop and freeze the action to carefully demonstrate what will happen, what is happening and what has already happened.

Full disclosure, I play a role in the development of Mobile Education Store’s apps. But I challenge anyone to find a more engaging and effective way to teach understanding and expression of past, present and future. It’s particularly ideal for hammering home those irregular past forms.

Professionally put together and reasonably priced at $14.99, you are going to want this one. Every school speech-language pathologist is going to want this one.

Want to see it in action? Click here.