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updating apps

Once you purchase an app, you are entitled to all of the future updated versions of that same app.  If you look at your app store icon on your iPad you might see a small number circled in the top right corner.  That is the number of apps you own that have since released updates.  Getting those new updates is easy and free.

Tap on the App Store app icon.

Tap Updates at the bottom of the screen.

You will see a list of all the apps you own that have updates available.  Apps from all of the accounts tied to your iPad will show up here.

To keep it simple, you can just tap UPDATE ALL at the top of the screen.  If storage space is an issue, then pick and choose the apps you would like to update right now and leave the others for later.

Before you tap UPDATE for a particular app, take a moment to read the few lines of information spelling out what’s changed about that app.  It’s nice to learn about those features before you update because when you open the app the next time, you might not notice the changes or the additional features that are now included.

Updates are almost always a good thing.  Usually the app has had some bug fixes or has added new features you will be glad to have. I once regretted updating an app because the first version was free of ads and the updated version was not!  But generally speaking, updates mean your app will be new and improved.

If you see an update that doesn’t even apply, you might just pass for the time being.  For example if the only change is that the app is “now compatible with the New iPad Retina Display” and you have an iPad 1 or iPad 2, no need to bother with that one.

Once you start updating apps, you will be asked for your password.  Itunes will prompt you for additional passwords if some of the updates are tied to other accounts.

Enter your password(s).

When you quit out of the app store, you will see that all of your affected apps are re-downloading.  This will take some time and some of your apps will be “Waiting” while others are “Installing”.  You can continue to use the iPad however you wish while this process completes.  Even if you turn the iPad off, the downloading process will continue until it’s finished updating all of the apps.