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using the cloud

Apple has made storing, syncing and backing up your purchases and photos easier than ever with the integration of the cloud into their later operating systems.  It’s actually so powerful that you might not want all of the features that it offers.  The good news is you can pick and choose what works for you.

For all of the details, check out Apple’s iCloud overview.

We all use our iPads and other devices differently, so how the Cloud helps you (or irritates you) might differ from how it works for the next person.

What I love about the cloud is that procedures that used to require you to manually hook up your iPad to your PC no longer do. Backups, restores, syncing and downloading apps are all done completely wirelessly.

In fact, iCloud will back up everything you’ve purchased, your photos and videos, your settings and your app data (and more) every day using your wi-fi connection without you doing a thing. With iCould Backup switched on, this happens automatically. Apple gives you 5GB of storage space to start and does not count your purchased products in that 5 GB.  Why would they?  Apple would like you to buy as many apps, songs, videos and books as your heart desires.  Your own content will slowly eat away that 5GB and when you get close to capacity, you will get a friendly invitation to buy more storage space for your itunes account.

So what’s not to like about the cloud?  Well, you may not want every app, song, movie and book you buy on one device turning up on every other i-device you own.  And you may not want every picture and video you take on the iPad hogging up space on your iPhone.  These features and others are all easily managed by you in Settings.

The bottom line is that the cloud is your friend.  But it’s a friend that might just drive you crazy if you don’t set some limits.  Start by establishing your preferences in Settings, and know that you can always go back and make adjustments to get things working just right for you.